The features below are included in the June product update, deployed on 11 June, 2020.

Reporting Improvements

Scheduled Reports

If your DirectSMS subscription allows, it’s now possible to schedule reports in the web portal. Scheduled reports can be run for specific accounts, message statuses, and message direction (inbound/outbound).

The Report Scheduling feature can be found in the Detailed Reports section:


In the resulting modal, you can select the required parameters including the report frequency, which account(s) from which to pull the data, the message status, message direction, the timing of the report send, and the email address(s) to which the report is to be sent:

Reports have also been streamlined into a single file should the message direction be set as "Both sent and received"

Once a report has been scheduled it will appear in the "Scheduled Reports" list in the Scheduled Reports section of the Reports menu:

User Usage Reports

It is now possible for an account administrator to see how many messages their users are sending, receiving, and the volume of units charged. Parent account administrators can view individual accounts or sub-accounts, and it is also possible to filter by email address or username and specify a date-range.  The report can also be downloaded from an emailed CSV.

Simply select the date range and the Account from the fields at the top of the screen, as well as the email address by which you would like to filter if you are only looking for stats on a specific user, and then click Run Report.

The User Usage Report link will appear in the Reports menu.

Usability Improvements to Detailed Reports

To make Detailed Reports more effective, we’ve shifted a few components around.  For starters, we’ve moved the date-range picker inline with the other filters to make it easier to locate. We’ve also updated the filter components so you can select specific sub-accounts and search for a specific contact:

Messaging Improvements

Draft Messages

It is now possible to create a draft of a message that can be saved and reviewed before sending. The "Save as draft" button will appear as an action on the "New Message" screen. To view all draft messages, click on "Drafts" in the Messaging menu:

In the Draft Messages list, you will have the ability to edit or delete draft messages by clicking on the three dots to the right of each message:

MMS Previews, Personalisation and Templates

When sending an MMS message, the phone preview feature will now show a preview of your picture message when you upload an image, as well as allowing the use of templates and personalisation in the message content:

Forwarding Sent Messages

You can now forward sent messages without having to copy the content and paste it into a new message.

This is done by going to Messages, then Sent, then clicking the three dots alongside the message you wish to forward to a new recipient and clicking "Forward":

This will then open a new message screen with the content field pre-populated with the message being forwarded.

Usability Improvements

Editing a Broadcast Name

It is now possible to edit the names of sent broadcasts. This is done in the "Sent" section of the Messaging menu by clicking on the three dots next to the broadcast to be renamed, and selecting "Edit Name" from the resulting menu:

In the resulting modal, delete the existing broadcast name and type in the new name you wish to use:

Editing the name of a dedicated number

It is now possible to change the name given to a dedicated number without having to re-register it.

Do this by going to Sender IDs in the Account menu, and then selecting "Edit Name" from the dropdown menu after clicking the three dots next to the Sender ID you wish to update:

Removing a business name and your own number

It is now possible to remove business names you’ve added to your sender ID list as well as numbers you've registered with your account (e.g. your own mobile number). It is possible to add them back by following the normal verification process.

Do this by going to the Sender ID section of the Account Menu and clicking on the tab named Your own numbers. Click on the three dots alongside the number you wish to remove and select Delete from the dropdown menu: