The features below are included in the May product update, deployed on 14 May, 2020.

Sender ID update

  • We've relocated the Sender ID section to the start of the "New Message" process. We've done this because the Sender ID will impact the message functionality itself - including the context of your message content. 
    • For example, if you are sending from a business name (alpha tag) then recipients will not be able to reply to your message - which will impact the method you use for opt-outs (see "Opt-out link" below).
  • We have also added the ability to request Alpha Tags and Dedicated numbers directly from this section as opposed to having to go into your Account Settings:

Using your own number

  • You now have the ability to use your own mobile number as the sender ID when sending messages
  • By selecting the "Add your own Number"  option from the Sender ID list (see above image), you will be asked to verify your number via a verification code sent to your mobile
  • NOTE - replies will go direct to your mobile and NOT to the web portal

Purchasing a Dedicated Number via the Sender ID menu

  • You can now purchase a Dedicated number straight from the Sender ID menu, without needing to go to Account Settings
  • In the "New Message" screen, you can purchase a dedicated number by clicking on the "Get a dedicated number" option in the Sender ID dropdown list:

  • In the resulting pop-up window:
  1. Select your country
  2. Scroll through the list of available numbers to choose the one you want to buy
  3. Give the number a name for easy reference
  4. Confirm your payment details (this will be the same as the payment method you have saved on your account)
  5. Click "Activate Number"

Requesting an Alpha Tag via the Sender ID menu

  • Similar to the process to request a Dedicated number, just select "Request your business name (alpha tag)" option from the Sender ID menu
  • In the resulting pop-up, enter your preferred business name and click "Send Request"

  • You will be notified via email once your request has been processed
  • From there, you should see your alpha tag appear in the Sender ID options menu

Setting a Default Sender ID for your Account

  • You can set a default Sender ID to apply to every message via the Account Settings menu
  • Go to Account, the Account Settings, and click on the edit icon next to "Default sender ID":

Select your preferred option from the dropdown list and then click Save:

NOTE - as with the sender ID menu in the New Message screen, you can purchase Dedicated numbers and request Alpha Tags from this menu also.

Opt-out Link

  • We've added the ability for contacts to opt-out via a weblink instead of just replying to a message - which is not always possible (e.g. when sending from a business name/alpha tag)
  • The link takes contacts to a landing page where they can trigger the opt-out by tapping on an action button
    • The configuration of this landing page is done automatically - you don't need to do anything other than select "Unsubscribe Link" from the drop-down menu:

Send to All Contacts

  • We’ve made it easier to quickly send messages to All Contacts. When selecting ‘Add Contact Groups’ the first option will always be “All Contacts”
  • This option is also available in the "Quick Message" function - just type "all" into the recipient field:

Broadcast Report: Delivery status panel

The broadcast report now includes a real-time delivery status panel where customers can monitor the progress of their send.

Standard SMS Broadcast:

Mobile Landing Page (MLP) Broadcast: