The improvements below are included in the April product update, deployed on 16 April, 2020

Message Sending

Resume broadcast if you've run out of credits

  • Previously, a broadcast would halt if you ran out of credit and you would need to run a report to identify which recipients did not receive the message, in order to re-send the broadcast to them once you have topped up your account
  • Going forward, you will be able to simply resume a broadcast from where it stopped once you have topped up your account with sufficient credit

Warning if you have insufficient credits to send a recurring broadcast

  • When creating a recurring broadcast, the system will warn you if you have insufficient credit to cover the full duration of the recurrence
  • E.g. if you wish to send a broadcast every week to 100 contacts for four weeks, but only have enough credit to send to all contacts for three weeks, you will receive a warning message on-screen when setting the duration of the message recurrence


Message Preview

When viewing broadcast reports, you will be able to see a preview of the message that was sent by clicking "View More" in the Overview section:

If your message included a Mobile Lending Page, you can click on the link to the Landing page to see a preview of it by clicking on the landing page link beneath the "View more" link.

Mobile Landing Page Engagement

When viewing a broadcast report where an MLP was included, an additional tile is now available called "Landing Page Engagement". Here you can view the activity on your landing page, including button clicks: