JANUARY 2020 - General Usability Improvements

Usability Improvements

Improved contact import

Based on customer feedback, we have simplified the process to import contacts from an external source and hidden some of the more complex/confusing options.

(Includes an alert message when selecting to import contacts as "Unsubscribed" - see below right)

New "Estimated contacts imported" callout on "Match columns" screen

Remove a contact from a group

A new option - "Remove from Group" - will appear in the options list for each contact when viewing a contact group (note - this will not delete the contact from the "all contacts" list)

Bulk remove contacts from a group

It's now possible to select multiple contacts in a group and select to remove them from the group (note - this will not delete the contacts from the "all contacts" list). The "Remove from Group" option will appear when contacts are selected within a group: