JANUARY 2020 - New Messaging Menu Options

Changes to the Messaging Navigation

Location: Messaging Menu and Display Window

What's changed:

Previously, the Messaging options consisted of:

  • New Message
  • Messages (included Scheduled and Sent Messages)
  • Templates

These options have now been expanded out into their own sections, so the Messaging options now read:

  • New Message
  • Sent
  • Received
  • Scheduled
  • Templates

How to use it:

  • Selecting each option will open its own viewing Window:

  • Clicking on "Quick Reply" will open the quick message window pre-populated with the recipient's details.
  • Clicking on "New Message" will navigate to the "New Message" screen


Points to note:

  • The "Content" section of the summary tables will only show one line of text, regardless of the length of the message. To view the entire message, click on the broadcast name or hover over the message and the entire message will appear as per below:

Why have we done this?

This allows greater visibility of inbound messages, assisting those who wish to action all their inbound messages from a flat list.