Activity Log

In this article:

  • Accessing the Activity log
  • Filtering the Activity Log
  • Filter index

A recent addition to the web portal is an Activity Log, where you can view all activity on your account - such as creating and sending messages, uploading data, exporting reports, and changing account settings, etc.

To view the activity log, go to Reports and then select Activity Log

You can filter the log by clicking on Filter Activity Log on the right-hand side

The filter options will then appear

Filter Index:

Date - the date range within which activity has taken place

User Type - choose between Users and Admin

User - Select all, or an individual User whose activity you wish to view (multiple user selection is not yet available)

Activity - Select which type of activity you want to view from the following options:

  • All
  • User Management - e.g. adding, editing or deleting users and sub-accounts
  • Messaging Broadcasts - e.g. creating, sending, scheduling, or editing messages
  • Contact Management - e.g. adding, editing or deleting contacts and contact groups
  • Billing - e.g. updating billing information, topping up a pre-paid account, etc.
  • API Management - e.g. creating or updating API keys
  • Email to SMS - e.g. adding domains, sending broadcasts via email

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