Invoice FAQs

Where can I find my subscription package information?

Your current subscription and the number of included SMS messages is located under “Description”:

Note: If you are on a custom plan as opposed to an off-the-shelf plan, the description will just say “Custom”; however we’re working to have this updated for next month to show the number of messages included.

If you pay your Monthly Access Fee in advance, this will be reflected under “Service Period” on the left:


How many non-included SMS messages did I send?

If you sent more than your included number of SMS messages last month, you’ll see an additional line under “Description” to let you know the overage volume and subsequent charge. The service period will reflect the calendar month in which this occurred:


When is my payment due?

If you have a direct debit set up, your first payment will be taken on the due date.

Confirmation of your direct debit set-up will appear in the footer of the invoice:

If you pay by EFT, please pay attention to the due date near the top right-hand corner of the invoice. The DirectSMS bank details can be found at the footer of each page of your invoice:

How much am I due to pay?

Your invoice will now confirm the invoice total as well as your account balance.

  • Highlighted in green below is the total charges for the relevant month
  • Highlighted in red is the total of all your outstanding invoices

If your account is in credit, the Account Balance will appear in brackets, e.g. ($100.00) to indicate that it’s a negative balance. In this case, you do not need to pay anything against this invoice.

What are the DirectSMS bank details?

You can find these in the footer of each page of your invoice:


Where can I see my previous payments or credit notes?

These are located on the Statement of Account (page 2). Here you’ll be shown any payments or credit notes applied to your account in the last 3 months:

We’ll also confirm the current balance again, which is the total due for your account, including this invoice.

What is the “Detailed Usage” on Page 3?

This page shows the number of SMS messages sent by user or sub account. It’s helpful if you need to on-charge your SMS services, or just keep track of which department or colleague is using the service.

I’m having issues printing my invoice

To avoid accidental cropping of the invoice, choose to ‘Fit’ or to ‘Shrink oversized pages’ when printing. Here’s an example of how the print dialogue may look on a Windows computer:

If you have any questions, or if there’s anything else we can help you with, please email your Account Manager on