User Roles

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  • Overview of the roles that can be assigned to users being invited to parent/sub-accounts in the web portal

A user is simply a profile with access to login to the DirectSMS Hub web portal. A user can be invited to one or more accounts by an account administrator. A user can have one of the following access permissions:

  • Administrator (Parent Account level)
    • Create and manage sub-accounts
    • Invite users to the parent and/or sub-accounts
    • Manage billing data
    • Prepaid top-ups (prepaid accounts)
    • Share groups
    • Report on sub-accounts

  • Administrator (Sub Account level)
    • Invite users to that specific sub-account
    • Manage Account Settings
    • Manage Email to SMS registrations and settings
    • Resubscribe an unsubscribed contact
    • Create and manage API keys
    • Create Webhooks
    • Create Automation Rules

  • Advanced User
    • Send messages
    • Report on current account usage
    • View inbox
    • Create groups and contacts
    • View user

  • Basic User
    • Send messages
    • View inbox (only replies to their own messages)
    • View reports (own message data only)
      • Cannot export reports

Users can be added or removed without impacting the account settings, data or sending functionality.

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