Sending a message via Email to SMS

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Email to SMS allows you to send and receive SMS messages direct from/to your email

To send a message via Email to SMS you must have either:

  • Your email address registered against an account, OR…
  • Your company domain registered against an account

Steps to send an Email to SMS message:

  • Go to your email client e.g. Outlook
  • Compose a new email
  • Enter the SMS Mobile number, followed by (e.g.
  • Add the content of your message to either the subject and/or body of the email
  • Replies to the SMS will appear in both the email client inbox and also the Hub inbox

Things to remember:

  • Be sure to set up your SMS end tags if your email has an automatically generated signature or other additional text that you don’t wish to send in the SMS message (See the Email to SMS Overview article for more information on SMS end Tags)
  • Even though you may delete your email signature, your email client may be configured to add privacy statements or similar disclaimers at the foot of every email
  • It’s therefore beneficial to always use SMS end tags to prevent accidentally sending overly lengthy messages:

  • Only subscribed recipients can receive messages from Email to SMS
  • Sending to an unsubscribed contact will result in a send failure

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