Deleting a Contact

In this article:

  • Instructions on how to remove an individual contact from the web portal
  • Instructions on how to delete bulk contacts from the web portal

If you no longer need to communicate with a contact you are able to delete them from the portal.

Steps to delete a contact:

  • Go to Contacts > All Contacts
  • Search for the contact, either by entering part of their name or full international number (e.g. +614xxxxxxxx) and pressing enter
  • Click on the ellipsis (three dots) at the end of the row and select Delete from the menu presented

  • Selecting Delete Contact will confirm the deletion and close the confirmation

Deleting Contacts in bulk

From the "All contacts" list, click in the selection box to the left of each contact you wish to remove. Upon doing this, a new button "Delete" will appear alongside "Export Contacts" - click "Delete" to delete the selected contacts from the portal:

Confirm the action by clicking "Delete Contacts" in the resulting modal:


  • Deleting a contact is a permanent action and cannot be undone
  • Following deletion, a contact name will no longer be displayed in the Inbox

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