Sharing Contact Groups

In this article:

  • Instructions on how to share contact groups with sub-accounts, allowing sub-account users to send messages to contact groups that are saved under the parent account

As an administrator on the parent account, you can share contact groups with specific sub-accounts. This means that your sub-account holders will not need to re-create contact groups that already exist under the parent account.

  • Go to Contacts > Contact Groups
  • Click Share with sub-accounts

  • Search and select the group(s)
  • Search and select the sub-account(s)
  • Click "Share"

When viewing the groups table, a shared group can be identified as the sub-accounts with access to the Group will be populated in the “Shared By” column

Note: Shared groups can only be managed by administrators at the parent account level. Users and administrators accessing the sub-account can only view and send to shared groups. If you require any modification to a shared group please contact a parent account administrator.

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