Adding a contact group

In this article:

  • How to access the contacts list and view contact groups
  • Overview of contact information
  • Instructions on adding a new contact group

Groups can be used to segregate contacts making contact management easier. 

To manage your contact groups go to Contacts > Contact Groups:

When visiting the Contact groups page you will see a table that contains the following columns:


  • Group name
  • Total Contacts - total number of contacts in the group
  • Unsubscribed Contacts - number of unsubscribed contacts in the group
  • Group email - will appear if you have included an alias for your group. This is used for messaging groups via Email to SMS 
  • Shared By - if the group is a shared group the field will be populated with the sub account names


Groups should be set up before creating contacts and can be done by clicking New Group and giving the group a descriptive name. The Group Alias is optional and used in conjunction with Email to SMS - see Email to SMS Overview

To create a new group:

Go to Contacts > Contact Groups, and select New Group:

Enter the name of the new group you would like to create and optionally an alias which can be used for emailing the group if you are registered for Email to SMS (see this article to learn more about this)

  • The Group name must be unique for the account
  • The alias must be all lower-case

  • Click Save

Groups are listed in the Contact Groups table and can be searched in the “Search Groups” field by inputting part or all of the name and clicking enter

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